Non Profit

NON PROFIT: First a little about myself – I was born and raised in the north side of Denver, Colorado, where schools have been notoriously underfunded and youth have limited access to creative arts or extracurricular programs. Most parents were more concerned with their children’s safety and survival; therefore, arts were not a practical priority. Consequently, while as a young person, I felt a need to learn an instrument or artistically express myself, I found very little support available. My life direction was changed entirely through my dedication to guitar. I feel extremely fortunate to have lived the dream that had set dormant in my soul for so many of my young years. I have, since, taught and traveled in numerous different countries around the world. As an experienced, professional musician I have always felt a desire to share this life skill and help improve access and support for musical expression to the youth who lack it the most. In my life journey, I am committed to contributing to this cause wherever I go (now Eugene Oregon). VOLUNTEER HISTORY: The Boys and Girls Club: I not only have taught but I developed two different guitar programs from scratch at two separate locations and have proudly won the Volunteer of The Year Award in the Arts in 2012 and 2014. MR James Garcia has done volunteer work at this particular Boys and Girls Club for over two years. He is an awesome young man. When he came to the club he saw we had only two broken guitars to teach the youth with. Being the teacher he is James started a fundraiser and donated his own money to purchase new guitars for the club. During his time here he shared his talents and his love and inspiration for music. James is an outstanding musician and a gentle but effective teacher. James received the volunteer of the year award in the arts for his outstanding work and dedication to the youth. I hope to work again with him in the future. If you have any questions please contact me at the number below. Helen Mcbain Art Specialist 720-270-1395
El Sistema Denver: The largest non-profit music program in the entire world. It started in Venezuela and now thrives in over eighty countries worldwide. 2011-2013Reference link here…… El Sistema has been thrilled to have James Garcia as part of our team. He not only helped kick start our guitar program but also contributed his time and efforts to fundraise for new guitars. James is an outstanding leader along with his amazing talents as a teacher and musician. I am happy to have worked with him and would gladly endorse him in any of his new undertakings. Sincerely, Michael Hervey
  • Trevista at Horace Mann: Located in the very neighborhood that I grew up in, and is a school specifically aimed at bringing the arts to the youth of the area.
Furthermore, I have also taught many free private lessons to underserved children who have showed an interest or ambition to do what it takes to grow in this area of the arts.